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Karten Design makes its fashion debut with “Street Lace” — an expressive, fashion-forward ensemble of a hat and wrap inspired by the organic nature of Los Angeles streetscape that ties what you wear to where you’re from. 

Los Angeles is infamous for its maze of freeways and urban sprawl. If you look at our streets from above, though, you see an intricate spider’s web weaving the city together. This imagery of connection was the inspiration for our design.

To create the beautiful, delicate Street Lace, we used laser technology to etch and cut leather to create the pattern of abstracted street maps, forming an intricate, organic lace of avenues and intersections.

In forming the Street Lace headpiece, we drew inspiration from things that connect the multicultural identity of Los Angeles. Designers took design cues from traditional headpieces from many cultures, including Chinese and Japanese wedding hats as well as the French bonnet, and put a modern twist on them. Blending headpieces from many cultures into a modern, minimal sun hat, our design represents the melting pot that characterizes Los Angeles.

In addition to being a fashion statement, our wide-brimmed hat has a practical functionality inspired by the California sun. The raised venting of the hat is both for visual impact and functionality, as it allows heat to ventilate on a hot day in the city while still protecting the face from the sun.

We developed Street Lace as an exclusive item for the A+D Museum’s annual fundraising gala, “Celebrate: The Wearable.” Karten Design’s Street Lace was featured in a runway show and sold in the event’s live auction, where all proceeds benefited the A+D Museum to further its mission of celebrating and promoting progressive architecture and design with the LA community.

See our project on My Fox LA’s Weekend Report: StreetLace


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