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Karten Design joined leading Los Angeles area architects and designers in supporting the Architecture + Design Museum in its 2013 annual gala, contributing an exclusive piece of carry-on luggage for a live auction.

Karten Design’s bag, The Fold, is inspired by the artistic journey–a dynamic experience that leaves travelers transformed.

Designed to accompany the traveler through his or her everyday journey, The Fold is a physical representation of this transformation. Its many intricate, sculptural folds represent the creative process of bending and layering together pieces of inspiration, transforming and re-shaping your experiences and impressions into something new. Users can customize the bag to express their personal journey. With a few simple folds and tucks, they can incorporate mementos such as maps, photos, journal pages, and sketches into the structure of the bag, carrying tangible elements of their journey with them wherever they go.

Read more about our design on Architizer and Studio of Style.

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