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In today’s rigorously competitive medical device landscape, it’s quite challenging to raise capital and develop innovative products that successfully enter the market. Raymond W. Cohen, an entrepreneurial business visionary with over 25 years of experience in the medical device industry, has turned several cutting-edge medical technologies into profitable businesses and products that have literally saved thousands of lives to date. As the former CEO of companies like Vessix Vascular, Cardiac Science, Inc., and CardioPolymers, Inc.—to name a few—Cohen specializes in identifying market opportunities and transforming startups into multi-million dollar entities. At Conversations,he shared with us some of his success stories, biggest surprises, personal philosophies, and lessons learned. Among our favorites: don’t be afraid to make decisions; assemble a team of capable people you can fully trust; and never underestimate the value good design can bring to your product.

If you missed this Conversations, you can catch some of the highlights from Raymond’s talk in this video excerpt:

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