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Karten Design Conversations with Dr. David Rhew of Samsung Global Healthcare

David Rhew, M.D., is an accomplished physician, computer scientist, and inventor passionate about the intersection of healthcare and digital technology. As Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Global Healthcare at Samsung SDS, Dr. Rhew leads initiatives to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care, leveraging emerging technologies such as digital health, electronic medical records (EMRs), and cloud computing. At Conversations, Dr. Rhew discussed top trends, challenges, and opportunities in today’s changing healthcare landscape. He shared how, although the Affordable Care Act incentivizes healthcare providers to adopt new EMR and clinical decision support technologies, cost continues to be a key barrier to adoption—especially for individual practitioners with significantly fewer resources than competitors like Kaiser. Meanwhile, he noted a new “patient-centric” model emerging, in which patients have greater access to health information—think WebMD—that helps them make better decisions about their health. But the biggest challenge in healthcare today remains: how can we get patients to be more engaged? Dr. Rhew said the answer lies in his work at Samsung, which aims to engage patients and consumers by digitally connecting health resources to the things people use on a daily basis, including phones, TVs, appliances, and cars. Interconnectivity, he predicted, is the way of the future. By leveraging its capacity as one of the most widely known consumer electronics companies in the world, Samsung is exploring new ways to tap into patient’s existing behaviors and lifestyles to improve their health, and ultimately, their lives.

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