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Stuart Karten shares insights on adapting medical device design to today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape in the Summer 2014 issue of INNOVATION, the Industrial Designers Society of America’s quarterly magazine.

“Hospital-to-home,” Karten explains, refers to the ongoing trend in which health care services are shifting out of hospitals and into outpatient facilities, such as health clinics, nursing facilities, and–most recently, patient homes. The management and treatment of disease is no longer solely in the hands of physicians in hospitals, but patients and caregivers in the home as well.

This transition presents new challenges for medical device makers, many of whom have never developed products for use outside of the hospital. Special design considerations—not of the least including safety, usability, and patient engagement—must be made for the move to the home frontier.

“Home environments are varied and unpredictable,” Karten states. “As designers, we need to account for everything from pets to children—no one wants their new blood pressure monitor to be eaten by the family dog or a device remote to find itself in the hands of a young child who might not understand the dire consequences of pushing a simple button.”

Learn more about designing effective “hospital-to-home” products by reading the full article here.



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