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On Saturday, March, 11, 2017, Stuart Karten led an insightful panel discussion on hearable technology, titled “Hearables and the Age of Mediated Listening” at SXSW Interactive.

Click here to view a post-panel discussion with Stuart Karten courtesy of the Comcast SXSW Social Media Lounge.

Stuart Karten, along with a panel of the brightest thinkers in hearables, Simon Carlile of Starkey Hearing Technologies and Poppy Crum of Dolby Inc., discussed what we can expect in a world where everything is listening and how our lives, thinking and behavior will change. “Hearables and the Age of Mediated Listening” was part of IEEE’s Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW.

“I believe we will soon enter a world of mediated listening,” said Stuart Karten. “That means in an age of mediated listening, technology will help us filter, amplify, process and respond to signals in the world around us. Devices that enable ‘super hearing’ will ‘listen’ to our biometrics and respond to our brain waves. Passive listening will give way to more pervasive listening within our public and very private worlds.”


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