Good Design Award – iRICELL Automated Laboratory System
Good Design Award – IQspiro Digital Spirometer by Midmark
Good Design Award – IQecg Digital ECG by Midmark
Good Design Award – Meade ETX-LS Telescope
Good Design Award – SimpleTech [re]drive
Good Design Award – SimpleTech SimpleDrive
IDEA Finalist – Meade ETX-LS Telescope
IDEA Finalist – Ikan
IDEA Finalist – SimpleTech SimpleDrive
IDEA Finalist – iRICELL Automated Laboratory System
CES Innovations Award – SimpleTech [re]drive
CES Innovations Award – Starkey Zon Hearing Aid
International Design Award – Product Designer of the Year – Stuart Karten

SimpleTech SimpleDrive

Hitachi GST

Consumer Electronics: Introducing Sustainability

Consumers are concerned about the impact of the products they buy, but few are willing to shell out extra money for sustainable products. Karten Design was challenged...

Iricell Automated Laboratory System

Our design makes a bold statement in the laboratory setting. ...

Ikan Kitchen Scanner

Ikan Technologies

Housewares: Commercializing New Ideas

The Ikan is a time-saving electronic device that allows users to order groceries from the same place they manage their food - the kitchen. The makers of the Ikan wanted to...

Zon Hearing Aid


Medical: Driving Market Share

A new design language makes Zōn the fastest-selling hearing aid in the United States. Starkey is historically known for making custom in-the-ear hearing aids. Hidden away inside the ear ca...

SimpleTech [re]drive


Consumer Electronics: Introducing Sustainability

Sustainable materials and efficient construction strategies revolutionize the appearance of this environmentally friendly hard drive. Hitachi GST wanted to make a stateme...

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