Good Design Award – Starkey S Series Hearing Aid with Sweep Technology
Good Design Award – Duracell Powerhouse Charger
Good Design Award – Duracell Instant Charger
Good Design Award – Spyder Avant Goggle System
CES Innovations Award – Starkey S Series Hearing Aid with Sweep Technology
CES Innovations Award – Duracell Instant Charger
IDEA Award Silver – Starkey S Series Hearing Aid with Sweep Technology
IDEA Award Silver – Starkey Zon Hearing Aid Technology
IDEA Award Finalist – Starkey Hearing Aid Research

LifeStudio Hard Drives

While other hard drives compete on specifications and price, Karten Design’s innovations change the game. ...

Product Design Language

As Duracell’s design firm of record, Karten Design developed a design language, leveraging color, form, finish, and visual hierarchy to enable an authentic extension of the trusted Copper Top brand....

S Series With Sweep™ Technology


Medical: Understanding Usability

The hearing industry’s first touch control makes it easy for users to control their hearing aids with discrete, natural gestures. For hearing aid users, adjusting volume and digital li...

Zon Hearing Aid


Medical: Driving Market Share

A new design language makes Zōn the fastest-selling hearing aid in the United States. Starkey is historically known for making custom in-the-ear hearing aids. Hidden away inside the ear ca...

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