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Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers in the United States turn 65 years old. By the year 2020, one-fifth of our population will be 65+, and, for the first time in history, we may be living in a society in which we see more walkers on the street than strollers. Scott Kaiser, M.D., a Harvard-trained geriatrician with over nine years of practice, works daily to redefine “the second half of life” for today’s seniors and future generations. A former Research Fellow at UCLA and the Greater Los Angeles VA and now Chief Innovation Officer at the Motion Picture and Television Fund, Dr. Kaiser is passionate about seeking new ways to help transform the overall health and well-being of the elderly. At Conversations, he shared some of his insights from the front lines of the Silver Tsunami, including how the paradox of living longer but with a greater chance for chronic disease has changed the aging process, why people discussing the “Baby Boomers” should break them down into segments (“Baby Boomers” include anyone born from 1946-1964!), and how a growing number of longer-living elderly has put more pressure on caregivers and an already strained healthcare system. Dr. Kaiser discussed how he combats the “un-sexiness” of aging by focusing on Baby Boomers as individuals, using their stories and emotions to help shape the industry’s work and research. He explained that instead of worrying about the impact of an increasing aging population, we should view the Silver Tsunami as a “golden opportunity” for responsive innovation and technology—and that we as product innovators hold the power to positively redefine the aging process.

To learn the four biggest opportunities we have to reimagine aging now, download our Snapshot by clicking on the image below, or watch our recap video.


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