Our Conversations series keeps us on our mental toes by exposing our studio and guests to leaders from a wide range of creative disciplines. In an intimate, salon environment, we are privy to the philosophies and processes of progressive thinkers and take a look at the worldview of artists, designers, authors and other creative explorers.

Nick Desai of Heal: Making Healthcare Convenient

September 19, 2017

For our latest Conversations event, we welcomed Heal’s Co-Founder Nick Desai, who shared the inside story about the needs that Heal is responding to and how the company is changing how people access healthcare.

Hmbldt: Health, Wellness and Cannabis

July 28, 2017

Derek McCarty, Hmbldt’s Head of Marketing, joined us for our latest Conversations to share how Hmbldt is changing the perceptions of cannabis, to explain the healthy discussions his company is generating, and how Design plays a critical role in creating an accessible brand.

Chef Nyesha Arrington: Defining a New Era of Los Angeles Cuisine

October 21, 2016

At Conversations, Chef Nyesha shared how her experiences growing up in a multi-cultural family helped shape her cooking style and gave us an inside look into her creative and artful approach to conceptualizing dishes.

Matt Dees: The World of Winemaking

April 20, 2016

Matt Dees began as head winemaker at the award-winning Jonata vineyard in 2004. Since then, he’s overseen the transformation of the estate’s dry, sandy landscape into one of the most celebrated wineries in Central California. At Conversations, Matt shared some of his favorite stories (and bottles) with us.

Robert Egger: Food, Felons and Philanthropy

November 13, 2015

Robert Egger is a social entrepreneur, award-winning author, and nonprofit leader. He opened the DC Central Kitchen in 1989, pioneering the concept of America’s first “community kitchen.” At this Conversations, Robert told his fascinating story and shared future-forward perspectives on disruptive innovation and the nonprofit sector.

Ed Saxon: The Power of Story

July 20, 2015

Academy Award-winning producer Ed Saxon has been producing feature films for over 25 years. Best-known for The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, and Mandela, Ed has used the power of storytelling to capture audiences’ attention around the globe. At Conversations, Ed shared why he believes stories are the key to success in any industry, and how emerging technologies will shape a new future for film, entertainment, and design.

Kara Swisher: Inside Silicon Valley

May 28, 2015

Kara Swisher is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Editor of the popular tech website, Re/Code. Widely recognized as Silicon Valley’s “most feared and well-liked” journalist, Kara examined the evolution of the Silicon Valley tech sector, sharing her predictions for future tech trends and products we should be paying attention to.

Levi Felix: Disconnecting to Reconnect

March 23, 2015

Levi Felix is internationally recognized as a thought-leader and expert on unplugging, cultural connection, and wellbeing in the digital age. As the founder of Digital Detox and Camp Grounded, Levi has led workshops in tech mindfulness for executives from Cisco, Google and Apple Inc, and has been featured in publications ranging from the New York Times to Vogue.

Dr. Scott Kaiser: Suiting Up for the Silver Tsunami

November 21, 2014

Scott Kaiser, M.D., a Harvard-trained geriatrician with over nine years of practice, presented “Suiting Up for the Silver Tsunami: Opportunities for Product Developers to Reimagine Aging.” Watch video highlights of his insights from the front lines of the Silver Tsunami, and find out the four biggest opportunities we have to reimagine aging now.

Brent Edwards: The Impact of Human Cognition on Wearable Computing

August 14, 2014

As Vice President of Research at Starkey Technologies, Brent Edwards has spent his career answering the question: how does hearing impact cognition, and vice versa?

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