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Concerto Global Gaming Machine

Konami Gaming, Inc.

Consumer: Driving Market Share

Driven by in-depth design research around human motivation and the casino gaming ecosystem, we designed a next-generation, digitally immersive slot machine that turns traditional gameplay into an entirely cinematic experience.

After partnering with Karten Design to develop the successful Podium global gaming machine, Konami, one of the world’s top digital and casino gaming companies, engaged Karten Design to help create Concerto, a next-generation casino gaming experience.

Konami briefed Karten with their vision for a new, innovative line of gaming machines that would increase its market reach by “wow-ing” players experientially and bringing top value to casino customers.

Challenged to visually and emotionally engage customers without impacting the game itself, designers began by examining the casino gaming ecosystem. We studied all stakeholders in the slot machine industry, uncovering insights about the gaming systems, cabinets, casino environment, and casino operators. We visited casino floors, interviewing and observing players of all levels in order to gain a deeper understanding of their gaming habits, motivations, and preferences.

We also studied analogous entertainment industries—including cinema, dining, and amusements parks—to understand where the gaming industry fell within the greater context of consumer entertainment experiences. We found that today’s entertainment industries provide intuitive, fully integrated, visually rich experiences that elevate consumers to the highest level of fulfillment.

Using this knowledge, designers implemented product features that address player engagement on a deeper level. With a smooth, black surface and sleek, clean-lined appearance, the cabinet’s design evokes a sense of approachable modernity. An industry first, Konami engineered Concerto’s DynamicDash button panel—utilizing video, LCD lighting, and touch-activated, responsive buttons to elevate digital gameplay into an intuitive, interactive, and sensory experience.

Instead of traditionally harsh, bright lighting, the cabinet is equipped with holographic lighting that’s engineered to attract, not distract, emitting a soft luminosity that enhances the player’s visual experience during game play. Two high definition edge-to-edge monitors amplify symbols, boost color, and frame the game, turning traditional gameplay into a cinematic experience.


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