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Connected Health Opportunity Research

Starkey Hearing Technologies

Digital Health: Defining New Revenue Opportunities

Our in-depth analysis of the emerging Connected Health movement helped Starkey identify new business trajectories to innovate within the hearing technology space.

As early as 2010, Starkey Hearing, the nation’s largest hearing technology manufacturer, had its eye on Connected Health—the emerging use of technology to deliver healthcare remotely. Starkey viewed the Connected Health movement as an opportunity to ultimately improve the hearing aid patient experience. The company asked Karten Design to help it understand the implications of Connected Health in the context of the audiology industry, and to identify opportunities for Starkey to be an innovation leader in the nascent Connected Health era.

Karten Design delved into the healthcare landscape to understand the drivers and key players of Connected Health, and predict what it could mean for audiology, Starkey, and the company’s hearing technology. We examined Connected Health holistically from social, technological, economic, psychographic, practical, and emotional standpoints. We interviewed industry experts from universities and think tanks, attended industry conferences and lectures, and spoke with audiologists to evaluate their attitudes toward Connected Health. Our research helped us see how the movement was impacting key stakeholders across multiple industries.

We transformed our insights into an in-depth report that recommended eight future-forward implementation opportunities for Starkey to take advantage of this burgeoning market.


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