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Care Management Solution


Digital Health: Empowering Behavior Change and Compliance

We’re helping to create a patient-centric care ecosystem, using digital and sensing technology to enable proactive heart failure management from the comfort of home.

Endotronix makes a proprietary implantable sensor that detects pulmonary artery (PA) pressure, a key metric used in the treatment of heart failure. The early-stage company has a vision to pair its core technology with a comprehensive patient monitoring solution that provides proactive home-based care and continuous monitoring. This holistic care platform is designed to improve patient quality of life for heart failure patients and reduce heart failure hospitalizations.

Karten Design imagined an ecosystem of touch points to help engage patients and their care teams with heart health—encouraging them to habitually collect and interact with information from the PA sensor. We designed a handheld reader, which patients hold over their chest to obtain a daily reading, with hand-friendly proportions and contoured, grip-able surfaces. The reader, which syncs with the remote HF patient management solution when docked in a charger, provides the patient portability, accessibility, and convenience. We developed a user interface, accessible through the dock, that makes data simple and meaningful to patients and their caregivers.

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