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Entertainment Headphone Line


Electronics: Creating New Revenue Streams

A line of fashion-inspired headphones takes Vizio beyond the TV and give customers new avenues for entertainment and self expression.

When Vizio, America’s #1 LCD HDTV company, set out to expand beyond TVs, the company turned to Karten Design to develop a new line of products that bring fashion and value to the audio market. We were challenged to push boundaries, developing never-before-seen, off-the map concepts that exude attitude, personality and excitement. Taking fashion cues from music cultures and icons, from classical to urban and Moby to Kanye West, we responded with six new designs for home theater and lifestyle headphones.

Our designs make strong statements with new wearing styles and luxurious materials, from leather and metallic accents to more exotic finishes such as blue stingray hide. A conceptual pair of over-the-ear music headphones leverages Vizio’s core technology as a design feature. Dynamic LCD displays over each ear allow users to project album art, a visualizer or other personal images—a first in technological self-expression.

Eleven of our designs were unveiled at CES 2010, where Vizio also announced that pop icon Beyonce would be its product spokesperson.

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