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Food Management Innovation

Ziploc (SC Johnson)

Consumer: Answering Unmet Needs

Design Research and Innovation helps Ziploc achieve organic growth in a new product category.

Ziploc came to Karten Design wanting to expand its brand presence and product offering across the food management spectrum, beyond it’s current position in the leftover and school lunch categories. We conducted ethnographic research with respondents as they planned menus, shopped for food, put away their purchases, and prepared and served meals for their families.

Using Karten Design’s proprietary research visualization tools, ModeMapping™ and Process Maps, we detected patterns indicating shared values and experiences, from concerns about the health and safety of one’s family to the rush to get everyone out the door with lunches or snacks for the day. These shared experiences inspired over 100 product concepts that took the Ziploc brand and its promise of freshness into new markets and categories.

Our team worked with Ziploc management to select concepts for “fail forward fast” testing, and conducted several rounds of evaluative research with consumers in their homes, using mock ups to refine selected concepts. Our efforts ultimately inspired the introduction of the new Ziploc Baby product line, sold in the toddler aisle.

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