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AliveCor Heart Monitor


Digital Health: Empowering Behavior Change and Compliance

Karten Design is helping healthcare embrace the digital revolution. The AliveCor heart monitor is the first FDA-cleared device to let patients monitor their heart rhythm through a smart phone, enabling cost-efficient, timely diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias for those at risk.

Until now, monitoring heart health meant wearing uncomfortable chest straps and making trips to the doctor. The AliveCor System turns any smart phone into a precise electrocardiogram (ECG) reader, giving patients the freedom to easily track their cardiac rhythms anytime, anywhere, and allowing them to engage with a doctor between appointments to receive proactive care.

With thousands of models of smart phones on the market today, the first challenge was to create a single sensor that would be compatible with any of these models. AliveCor’s first model was an iPhone 4/4s case that met the needs of many early tech adopters, but excluded more than half of all potential customers. Designers explored many solutions for mounting the AliveCor sensor to a smart phone without the use of a device-specific case. Our universal mount helped AliveCor bridge the pace of medical product development with the breakneck life cycles of the consumer electronics industry.

With an attractive, low profile that looks at home on a high-tech smart phone, the AliveCor heart monitor becomes part of users’ daily lives, traveling with them in a purse or pocket through unpredictable situations. Users capture their ECG by holding the sensor with two hands for 30 seconds. The device wirelessly communicates with the AliveECG mobile application, which collects, displays, and transmits ECG data to the AliveCor server, where doctors can access it.

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