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LifeStudio Hard Drive Family

Hitachi GST

Consumer: Answering Unmet Needs

While other hard drives compete on specifications and price, Karten Design’s innovations change the game.

Commoditization and obsolescence threatened to make Hitachi GST’s products irrelevant. The hard drive market has been driven by price and technical specifications and faced outside competition from more lightweight, portable options like flash memory and cloud storage. Hitachi needed a product that would remain relevant to young customers, many of whom are creating content on the go from multiple sources throughout the day.

Based on research exploring the new ways that young “Digital Natives” are interacting with digital data, Karten designed the LifeStudio family of personal hard drives. While competing drives are designed for data security, LifeStudio drives meet users’ needs for validation, community, sharing and creation. LifeStudio helps people organize and share data with innovations such as the industry’s first integrated USB drive that lets users take information on the go.

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