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Point of Care Market Research

Iris Diagnostics

Medical: Defining New Revenue Opportunities

Karten’s research informed our client’s business strategy.

Iris Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer of laboratory urine analysis instruments, was interested in expanding its reach into the hospital point of care market. In evaluating the introduction of a point-of-care urine chemistry system, Iris executives asked Karten Design to research two points: is there a market for a point of care urine analysis product, and what unmet needs might provide design drivers?

We dug deep into the urine testing work flow, conducting interviews and observational research at hospitals across the U.S. When we discovered that stakeholders had no interest in the product, which was incompatible with current practices, product development came to a halt. Though results were not expected, the client’s investment in design research saved the company millions of dollars that would have been invested in a superfluous product.

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