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SHIELD Food Inspection Platform


Consumer: Driving Market Share

Karten Design reimagined a traditional manufacturing product to help PECO InspX stand out in the food inspection industry with a design driven by Silicon Valley technology.

The pressure on the food industry to implement increased food inspection and quality regulations has never been greater. As health takes a larger role in the forefront of public consciousness, consumers have pushed for increased management of food production safety. Conventionally, the food inspection industry has been dominated by the production of unimaginable, visually conservative and intimidating x-ray systems. Now, there is growing momentum for x-ray systems to provide more inspection points and safeguards from contaminants. While food safety has emerged as a trending topic, the design and technology behind most food inspection systems remains stagnant.

PECO InspX’s SHIELD inspection platforms are some of the most advanced x-ray machines on the market. By incorporating cloud-based imaging, the SHIELD system is positioned to set the industry standard in food inspection validation and verification. Karten Design emphasized this cutting edge technology by developing a distinctive product identity for the SHIELD line that is helping PECO InspX—a small, Bay Area-based company competing against global giants—to differentiate itself while building brand recognition. The SHIELD platform embraces its Silicon Valley roots with a sleek visual appearance and cutting-edge feel that is unlike any other product on the market. In addition, a significant amount of attention was poured into the CMF elements of the SHIELD system, a detail area that is commonly overlooked in the food scanning production industry. The design language we established is flexible, scale-able and extendable to current or future product lines.

We used design to increase both efficacy and speed of the SHIELD platform. Our goal was to create a more accessible design that promotes ease of use driven by proprietary features such as remote accessibility and manual upgrades. As food safety continues to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds, SHIELD’s sealed, smooth design minimizes the risk of contamination from bacteria growth on equipment. In addition, our work on SHIELD’s UI design allowed the machine to uniquely connect to a network of SHIELD devices, which delivers real-time data analysis.

In the staunch food inspection industry, where innovation is rare, Karten Design is helping PECO InspX become a major player in a market. With improved usability and a distinct aesthetic, Karten Design has created a bold concept that simplifies the user experience and ensures the highest rate of speed and performance. The SHIELD inspection platform is being unveiled in November 2016 at the PACK Expo in Chicago and is set to go on the market in February 2017.


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