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Smart Work Exploration


Consumer: Defining What’s Next

Research on the evolving relationship between management, individuals, and technology is helping Samsung develop office products that are more relevant to customer needs.

In the era of Knowledge Work, employee work styles and corporate policies have gone through major shifts. Knowledge workers, unlike their industrial age counterparts, are not measured by visible, repeatable work, but by the quality of their ideas. To ensure that its line of office products remained relevant to corporate and employee needs, Samsung asked Karten Design to study “Smart Work” – the rising number of employees embracing autonomy to achieve better quality of both work and life.

Through foundational research on the trends driving this movement, interviews with published experts, and one-on-one contextual inquiries, Karten Design studied the trend of remote work and provided a comprehensive report that detailed stakeholders and their needs.

We observed respondents’ workflow and work environments in corporate offices, home offices, and homes. In-depth interviews probed into workers’ commutes, work activities and styles, schedules, and the effect each of these has on their lives. We examined psychological issues, such as how remote work affects the attitudes of employees and managers.

We presented a holistic report outlining the relationship between the three crucial components of remote work—management, individuals, and technology—and best practices for creating trust and facilitating communication among them.


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