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Surflink™ Media Streamer


Consumer: Creating New Revenue Streams

This wireless accessory improves the home entertainment experience for hearing aid users and their loved ones.

Surflink™ is the first media streamer to connect directly with the user’s hearing aid instead of complicated Bluetooth pairing or superfluous body-worn streaming accessories. Starkey developed this capability based on our consumer and audiologist research that showed a media streamer was the most desired wireless hearing aid accessory. Starkey saw an opportunity to perfect this product category with a device that used its proprietary technology to stream audio directly from a TV, stereo, or MP3 player to a hearing aid. Karten Design was challenged to create a device that reflected the simplicity of Starkey’s technology throughout the user experience.

We focused on making the device incredibly easy to use. A simple, gesture-controlled interface gives users maximum control over the streaming experience and provides an ergonomic solution for older users. The Surflink™ Media Streamer has not only provided Starkey with a new revenue stream, but has also shifted the paradigm for hearing aid accessories. Unlike other media devices for the hearing impaired, the Surflink™ streamer has a sculptural, minimal form and pristine finish, making it something that users would feel comfortable displaying in their homes, much like a piece of high-end stereo equipment or a thin flat-panel television. Through its design, the Surflink™ Media Streamer further reduces the stigma of hearing aids.

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