Time Empowerment Research

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Consumer: Defining What’s Next

People have more demands on their time than ever before. Johnson Controls wanted its products to empower time solutions.

Auto interior manufacturer Johnson Controls hired Karten Design to find out where people’s time is pinched and how its auto interiors could ease the stress of modern life.

As we experienced the lives of 12 Los Angeles area drivers, we captured hours of video footage documenting the amazing diversity of activity that happens in the car, from moms who use their wait in the carpool line to catch up on sleep to the kids who get their homework done en route from violin lessons to soccer practice. We used our proprietary ModeMapping process to organize our research data. By understanding the challenges that people face and analyzing patterns through ModeMaps, we identified six opportunities for auto interiors to help drivers make the most productive use of their time in the car. These “Design Drivers” inspired more than 100 product concepts that meet users’ growing need for time empowerment.

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