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There are nearly 300 million patients around the world who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, including asthma and COPD. Approximately half of these patients fail to properly use therapeutic medications, leading to out-of-control symptoms and billions of dollars wasted on unnecessary hospitalizations. A new sensor technology, created by Johns Hopkins University and licensed by start-up RespEQ, promises to change this by creating integrated solutions for patients and healthcare providers to monitor drug usage and effective delivery, as well as evaluate overall lung health.

RespEQ approached Karten Design to create an ecosystem around this new technology, including a sensor that attaches to the patient’s inhaler and a patient-facing app. We began by creating a meaningful brand identity for the new company that puts patients and the center and empowers them through data. Karten Design embodied this brand identity in a family of sensors configured to integrate seamlessly with both MDI and dry powder inhalers. Organic forms are friendly and approachable. Dynamic LED lighting creates design features that emphasize the collection and transmission of data.

In the patient app, Karten Design imagined how patients would interact with the data collected. Using a clean interface that emphasizes key information in context, patients can view their holistic “RespEQ Score” to evaluate drug adherence and lung health. We let patients go behind the scenes to access readouts on individual inhalations and view contextualized information on effective inhalation time and maximum inhalation flow. The app also puts patients in control of transmitting data to care teams, letting them know how many new records are available to upload to the cloud. Patients can monitor their progress with glance-able charts that show trending over time.

RespEQ is currently using Karten Design’s visualizations to pursue funding for final design, performance testing, and regulatory approval.


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