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Surflink™ Hearing Aid Remote Control


Medical: Defining New Revenue Opportunities

Providing a new way to interact with Starkey’s hearing aids, the Surflink™ Remote is part of a new line of hearing aid accessories that improves the user experience.

Starkey saw an opportunity to develop its first hearing aid remote control in a way that addressed user needs more thoroughly than competing products. To ensure the remote was competitively positioned and that it improved the user experience around hearing aid remotes, Karten Design examined audiologist and user needs through design research to help define Starkey’s product.

The Surflink™ is the first and only remote available in three configurations to meet the needs of basic and advanced users. Using standard electronics and interchangeable faceplates, designers created a remote that audiologists can reconfigure as patients’ needs change.

In addition to providing a new revenue stream for Starkey, the Surflink™ Remote has led to increased customer loyalty from audiologists and end users, who trust Starkey to listen to their needs and develop functional, appropriate products. Users commented in follow-up studies that the remote has met their needs in terms of usability, functionality and convenience.

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