Iricell Automated Laboratory System

Iris Diagnostics

Medical: Driving Market Share

Our design makes a bold statement in the laboratory setting.

Iris Diagnostics, a global supplier of laboratory equipment, sought to develop a progressive brand language for its urinalysis product line. The company’s CEO stated that he would like anyone to walk into a lab and immediately tell that it used his products.

Through color, graphics and form, Karten Design created a brand language that differentiates Iris’s chemistry and microscopy systems and unites the two components into a cohesive family. The design provides organized, easy to read touch points and messages the machines’ highly automated work flow. As a focal feature, we developed a proprietary strip loader that offers a window into the machine’s internal workings. A vibrant blue band extends from the figure eight-shaped strip loader, illustrating the path that test strips take through the machines. Touch points such as the sand blasted aluminum strip loader handle provide an element of delight, communicating to users that they are working with the best equipment.

We also incorporated cost-saving measures, such as the use of injection-molded plastic. While the original machine’s thermal formed door cost $280 to produce, the new door costs only $12.


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