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Corporate Health and Wellness Innovation

Eastman Chemical Company

Medical: Empowering Behavior Change and Compliance

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Karten Design envisioned solutions to engage employees in corporate health and wellness initiatives, inspiring positive behavior change.

Health, wellness, and sustainability are important initiatives at the Eastman Chemical Company. Located in Kingsport, Tennessee, a region where 29% of residents are obese and 69% are overweight, Eastman is dedicated to improving health on its campus and in the community. The company challenged Karten Design to use its plastics to develop new products that make a positive difference in health and wellness for Eastman employees.

We applied research and design thinking to a problem that affects all of corporate America. Design researchers spent a week immersed in Eastman’s three-square-mile campus, interviewing and observing people in their offices, break rooms, and corporate cafeterias. Our research uncovered systematic and emotional barriers to health and wellness, such as time constraints, access, and personal identities connected with food.

We developed a set of system-wide concepts, blending new products and services to reach people where they are in the moment. From wall-mounted bins designed to distribute locally-grown produce, to lunch trays that reframe healthy meals in terms that resonate authentically with people’s identities, to take-home containers that let people eat some food now and save some for later, our concepts take advantage of the many small decision points throughout someone’s day. By making healthy options ubiquitous across a campus the size of a small town, they nudge, rather than push people to make healthier decisions.


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