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Metria Wearable Sensor

Vancive Medical Technologies

Medical: Empowering Behavior Change and Compliance

The first wireless sensor that is comfortable to wear for a whole week, Metria helps people capture patterns in their vital signs to improve their health. Karten Design worked with Vancive to create a sensor that would be accepted and worn by end users.

Aesthetics was an important part of user acceptance. Many sensors today look like bandages—something that indicates injury and weakness rather than information and empowerment. With a design that draws more from athletic apparel than medical products, Karten Design developed a fitness-inspired product that could be worn comfortably around the clock for approximately seven days. We designed an organic, dynamic shape inspired by movement that gives the sensor an iconic identity. The form gracefully houses internal electronics in a way that’s comfortable to wear, minimizing the rigid footprint and keeping the sensor’s height as low and close to the skin as possible.

Material selection was one of the key design challenges. The sensor needed to be resistant to moisture, soil, and germs. Besides being durable, it had to be flexible enough to move with the wearer’s skin. We studied materials used in athletic apparel, particularly in footwear, which has introduced many flexible, durable materials. We developed a solution, compatible with Vancive’s web press manufacturing process, which uses layers of laminated foams and adhesives around the core electronics.
Karten Designed several early “show car” prototypes to help Vancive form partnerships with health companies including Body Media and Jenny Craig.

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