The Situation

Neuromodulation for pain control is complex. To ensure results for their patients, clinicians require a versatile set of solutions. Nevro introduced the OmniaTM should be Omnia™ Spinal Cord Stimulation system to answer this need, offering not only its market-leading high frequency, but five different therapeutic wavelengths. Omnia enables clinicians to program five stimulation frequencies and pair frequencies to find the best solution for patients. As Omnia’s new capabilities introduced more complexity into the Clinician Programmer software, Nevro’s new programmer needed to have a user experience that made the process easy. Karten Design’s challenge was to redesign the software digital design to reduce the programmer’s actual complexity, as well as minimize its perceived complexity for end-users.

The Solution

Karten Design created a digital interface that organizes comprehensive information in an easy-to-use workflow. Leveraging our decades of healthcare design experience, we performed extensive discovery and evaluative research with Nevro therapy specialists and connections in the clinical community. This effort culminated in a user experience map that informed how the programmer’s design would perform optimally within existing clinical workflows. To minimize the amount of re-training for hundreds of Nevro therapy specialists, we decided the redesign should maintain familiar global navigation areas and status indicators. But instead of the former interface’s expanding window design, we created a larger workspace area to simplify the programming of multiple frequencies. This key change minimizes a user’s memory load by making all required interaction points available in a single view. Finally, Karten Design created a modern aesthetic that relied on visual icons for each frequency. These features form the basis of a style guide that will give Nevro flexibility for future feature introductions.

What We Did

Design Research

Digital Design

UX Design

UI Design


 “Omnia represents a significant shift in our strategy as a company. This new platform gives us flexibility to meet our physicians’ needs and provide maximum programming versatility. Karten Design’s clinician programmer design combines a seamless and intuitive approach to programming with an engaging and informative visualization of information. Omnia has been very well received, and within the first few months has become a majority of Nevro’s portfolio mix.”

— Omid Mashhadi, Director of Product Marketing, Nevro