Edison Award Silver, Science, Medical, and Dental Products -Starkey Halo Made for iPhone Hearing Aid
MDEA Finalist, Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products – Starkey Halo Made for iPhone Hearing Aid
MDEA Finalist, Radiological and Electromechanical Devices –  Vessix Renal Denervation System
Core77 Design Award Runner Up, Commercial Equipment – Starkey Halo Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

Halo, a Made-for-iPhone Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing

Digital Health: Defining New Revenue Opportunities

We designed Starkey’s first iPhone-compatible hearing aid to deliver users a seamless hearing experience....

Vessix Renal Denervation System

Boston Scientific

Medical: Commercializing New Technology

Our design helps Vessix communicate the value of a complex technology in simple visual terms, enabling a sale to Boston Scientific for $425 million within 18 months of produ...

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