COVID-19 Update

At Karten Design we support the afflicted, the medical workers and all our healthcare partners on the front-lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. We support every scientist, engineer, and innovator who is creating solutions to help society in this frightening time. We are incredibly optimistic. We have been designing medical products for more than 30 years, and we are leveraging our expertise to create solutions to this, and future, health crises. We are here to help.

K:D is doing its part by adhering to stay-at-home orders while continuing to work as a virtual team, addressing the need for creating scalable health products that address Covid-19. We are also continuing our work on healthcare products that address chronic disease because constant hospital visits strain the system and exposes patients, especially the immunocompromised, to greater risks. We believe in everyone’s ability to work together to help create a better, healthier, more prepared world that will bring about solutions that help everyone of us. Let’s do this. Together.