Design Elevates the Root Canal Experience

The Situation

Historically, the phrase “Root Canal” conjures fear. Patients dread the invasive procedure, the postoperative pain, and the need for multiple follow-up visits. Clinicians have often struggled to clean and disinfect the entire root canal system with available instrumentation.

Sonendo has developed a new procedure that reinvents the patient root canal experience – a process that had not changed for over a century. Karten Design was asked to ensure the new GentleWave TM G4 console with dynamic touchscreen UI delivers the best possible experience for clinicians and their patients.


Design, informed by research, facilitates this major shift in treatment, which combines hardware and software to inform, facilitate, and delight. The new GentleWave® G4 console uses sculptural surfaces and sophisticated finishes to dynamically embody this cutting edge technology. 

The system’s functional features were developed to meet real procedural needs, including portability, maintenance, and field service. Integrated handles and rugged finishes make the system easy to transport between operatories and battery backup and high-capacity fluid reservoirs help the equipment last all day. A user-friendly interface provides step-by-step guidance, enhanced with auditory cues.

We reimagined all procedural touchpoints, from first-time setup through busy and varied daily cases and prep for the next day. As a result, the GentleWave® G4 system better blends with clinical workflows, reducing down time and prep time between procedures, enabling clinicians to help more patients and grow their practices.

What We Did

Design Research
Digital Design
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering

“The new GentleWave G4 System design supports the clinicians’ experience, and that of their patients. Working closely with Karten Design, we were able to message the benefits of our advanced technology, expressing the power and intelligence inside.”

– Bjarne Bergheim, President and CEO, Sonendo