The Situation

Neuromodulation is an emerging therapy being applied to treat conditions such as chronic pain, headaches and tremors, using mild electrical pulses to stimulate targeted nerves inside the body. Axonics Modulation Technology was poised to be a leader in neuromodulation with a class-leading nerve stimulation device—just one-third of the size of similar devices, and with a rechargeable battery that lasts a decade longer. The start-up needed help envisioning the application of its treatment and commercializing its amazing technology.

The Solution

Our research found an unmet need in the treatment of urinary and fecal dysfunction. We transformed an innovative technology into a complete ecosystem of physical and digital products that improve the experience of people suffering from incontinence. Axonics’s system has the industry’s first portable inductive charging device, giving patients the freedom to move. A handheld remote lets them inconspicuously adjust stimulation levels and check battery status. We also simplified the implant programming process for doctors with a lightweight programmer, built from the ground up to be helpful, simple and intuitive.

What We Did

Design Strategy
Design Research
Industrial Design

Digital Design
Visual Design
Mechanical Engineering

Clinician Programmer

A completely new programmer and UI with integrated simulation control and monitoring for greater accuracy, precision and confidence

Patient App

Connecting Axonics with users with a compelling diary and information delivered in a personal way

“Sacral neuromodulation is a highly efficacious therapy, but historically physicians and patients have struggled with the interfaces offered by other systems. The reaction we get from patients and physicians when they see our system is ‘Wow,’ and Karten Design’s efforts were critical in making this possible. We’re excited that this technology is giving people their lives back, and want to thank Karten Design for making our solution so appealing and accessible to patients.”

— John Woock, Chief Marketing Officer, Axonics