The Situation

Patient recruitment is one of the biggest challenges in clinical studies, delaying the release of life-saving medications by up to 10 years. Start-up MedVector developed a telemedicine solution that could drastically increase clinical trial speed and accuracy by finding more diverse participants, faster. Their HIPPA-compliant video conferencing device allows identified patients anywhere in the world to participate in clinical trials through their local hospitals, monitored by their own doctors. Karten Design was brought in to help bring this revolutionary vision to life.

The Solution

Karten Design leveraged our deep understanding of challenges within the clinical environment and clinician workflows to design a device that is optimized for the doctors, nurses, and patients it would serve. The MedVector Telemedicine Device, which is shipped to partner hospitals on demand, can withstand years of constant setup and shipping. We designed a compact, ruggedized aluminum case that organizes all of the required equipment (everything from diagnostic equipment to internet connectivity that can work even in a hospital basement) into a self-contained kit. Its sleek simplicity reassures patients and makes the set-up obvious for healthcare professionals.

What We Did

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

“Time is important in clinical studies, as well as in product development. In just three months, Karten Design provided us with an elegant and functional design that allows us to build our partnerships and reach more people. They share our same values: great results, fast, to save lives.”

— Scott Stout, CEO, MedVector