The Situation

In cases of sudden cardiac arrest, defibrillators save lives. But rescuers have to be fast. With every minute that passes, a sudden cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival decreases by 10%. Cardiac Science has a defibrillation algorithm that can detect abnormal heart rhythms and automatically deliver a corrective shock. The company needed to package its technology into an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) simple enough to allow even an untrained bystander to jump into action and save a life.


The Solution

Delivering a shock to someone’s chest is an intimidating experience. We used design to boost potential users’ confidence and eliminate hesitation, enabling faster response times. A simple user interface with strategic visuals, color and forms makes the PowerHeart AED foolproof, even during high-pressure scenarios. Thoughtful functional details at key touch points, such as spring-loaded hinges and an oversized handle, make operation seamless.

What We Did

Design Research
Industrial Design
Digital Design

Mechanical Engineering
Brand Identity

“In our industry we have a saying: time is life. Karten Design latched on to this mindset and, with their keen understanding of human factors in stressful situations, delivered a product with measurable time savings over previous models.”

— Michael Gioffredi, former Chief Marketing Officer, Cardiac Science