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These stylish hearing aids are designed to meet the unique emotional and functional needs of 60- to 85-year-old users.

No one wants a hearing aid. People with hearing impairment live in denial for five to nine years before seeking treatment. When Starkey approached us to design a line of behind the ear hearing aids that physically express the advanced technology inside, we saw an opportunity to improve an undesirable patient experience. We spent time with end users to learn about the physical and emotional challenges that people with hearing impairment face.

Based on patient feedback, we developed a new design language that empowers users and reduces the stigma they associate with hearing aids. With a palette of six understated colors that blend with hair and skin tones, they become virtually invisible when worn behind the ear.

Karten Design also introduced proprietary functional innovations to Starkey’s product line that improve the user experience for people with conditions like arthritis, diminished dexterity and macular degeneration. Battery doors are designed so that users can lay the hearing aid on the table during loading for extra stability. The hearing industry’s first and only touch control– a surface 10 times larger than traditional volume controls– makes it easier for users to change volume or switch hearing modes.

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