Patient Experience Research

Avery Dennison

Medical: Exploring New Business Opportunities

Our insights on patient interactions with the healthcare system helped Avery evaluate a new business opportunity.

Avery Dennison asked Karten Design to research the user experience and identify unmet needs among customers in the healthcare industry. Our insights helped Avery to define a new product platform in a high-growth industry utilizing its core technology and product offerings.

We used ModeMapping – our proprietary research process – to analyze and communicate our research, which focused on five patients and their caregivers whose experiences represented a variety of interactions with the healthcare system, from a bladder infection to chronic conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Examining commonalities in each person’s experience, we identified six activity “Modes” in which every patient and caregiver are involved, from relaying information to managing prescriptions. Analyzing the physical and emotional stressors that people face in each of the modes, the team developed more than 60 feasible product concepts that help people manage their health and produce a more positive experience in dealing with the healthcare system.

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